Why the fuss about newsletters?

The printed newsletter has a significant role to play in helping you get your message out to a broader range of potential customers. Think about it. If every one of your customers (or at least your most valuable customers) had a copy of your newsletter sat on the desk in their reception area, how many people might have a browse through it? And how many of them might have a need for what you have to offer? Could be a few.

And how about your existing customers? Do they know everything about you? Do most of your customers buy the same thing from you time and again? Could they be interested in something else you have to offer? Sounds quite likely for most of us.

Looks like there are a few solid reasons to consider incorporating a printed newsletter into your marketing communications plans. But what makes a good newsletter? Read on…


We deliver newsletters for a number of our customers, most of them on a quarterly basis. That’s about right when it comes to them having enough, good information to share, whilst the recipients don’t feel bombarded with information. So what makes a good printed newsletter?

  1. Good quality design. By that we mean ensuring the newsletter fits with your visual brand. There’s no point sending out a couple of sides of A4 from your desk top printer as that doesn’t say the right thing about your company. A newsletter that’s professionally designed helps raise the bar against your competition and continues to put your brand in a positive light.
  2. Good quality print. A professionally printed newsletter says an awful lot of good things about your brand. Something that feels of quality says you care about what your customers receive.
  3. Good quality content. Clearly the design and print will only be as good as the newsletter’s content. Remember, a newsletter is not an opportunity to overtly sell everything you do. That’s your website and main literature’s job. A newsletter is your opportunity to provide industry information that’s of use to your customers, providing insights into how you might just be the people to answer that need. A case study of one of your current customers is a great way to show the benefit of what you do too. And of course there is the opportunity to introduce the odd offer that should be exclusive to the recipients of the newsletter.

If you’re thinking about how to make the most of your next printed newsletter, don’t hesitate to get in touch by clicking here. We can help with the design, content, print, and fulfilment so getting your newsletter out to your customers is as straightforward as it should be.