8 dimensions of brand choice…it’s all about the benefits!

Why do you purchase the brands that you do? Habit probably!

But seriously…if you’re looking to buy something for the first time, or perhaps one of those ‘every few years’ purchases, are you conscious of the reasons why you choose one brand over another?

I stumbled across this chart on http://www.marketingweek.co.uk/ recently (apologies to the publisher, didn’t note the actual page!) that highlights the core reasons we generally choose one brand over another. In the current state of the economy it’s actually quite refreshing to see ‘saving money’ as only the 7th in the list. Shows just how loyal we can be.

The element that stuck out most however is that pleasure is top.

Most important factors for choosing a brand

This reaffirms everything we believe in when it comes to branding and marketing. During any marketing campaign, within a website, in a sales brochure, through an advert….pretty much where ever you choose!…talking about the benefits of what it is you have to sell is paramount.

Why? Because by clearly communicating benefits you’re already answering the question in the customer’s head, which in its purest sense is ‘how will I gain pleasure from choosing your product?’

So when you come to think about your next piece of marketing material think about the benefits of what it is you have to offer, as it are those very things that get your audience’s attention. (Then you obviously need to back it up with proof to answer the confidence, status and effectiveness elements of these 8 dimensions!)