Graphic design solutions for schools

All schools – independent, academies, free schools and LEA managed schools – can benefit from making sure their logo, website and printed material all provide a coherent, professional appearance. With parents having a greater choice of the options open to their children, and the importance of maximising your pupil intake, your school needs to ensure it stands out from the local competition.

We provide a range of graphic design solutions for schools, including logo design, school prospectus design and school website design.

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Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative.
Down The Line helped in a major rebranding exercise at The Abbey School. They showed clear strategic thinking, alongside imaginative and creative execution in the development of our prospectus and website.
The Abbey School, Reading.
School logo design 

Alongside your school uniform your school logo is often the most frequently seen visual asset of your school. That’s why it’s imperative it is professionally designed to accurately reflect your school and what differentiates you from others.

We’ll work with you to help formalise a set of values central to your school, which will sit at the heart of your new logo. You’ll be involved throughout the design process, ensuring the final logo hits the mark.

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Design of uniform, stationery, signage… 

How your logo and visual brand style is applied across your school uniform, external and internal signage, and stationery is important. It ensures a consistency and professionalism throughout your school, which helps from a prospective parents first impressions right through to improving standards within the day-to-day environment.

We can help bring it all together for you. From taking care of the design through to formalising specifications and managing the print.
School website design 

Your school website is one of the most important communication tools you have available.

We can design and build your website so it’s tailored to your needs and fulfils the requirements of all your stakeholders.

• For prospective parents and the wider community your school website must inform and sell what your school has to offer. It’s often your first chance to show how you are different and the roles you play in the local community. 

• To existing parents it must act as a hub of information – a first port of call for enquiries, a place where they are kept up to date with weekly life, and enable parents to become more engaged with school staff.

• And to ensure good practice your website must fulfil your obligations in terms of publishing and sharing information stipulated by Ofsted. Click here to read the latest guidance.

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Down the Line provided the rebranding we were looking for.
The service we received has been exemplary and we cannot thank them enough for all the additional work they have done for us. A totally comprehensive and coherent rebranding and website delivery has been achieved.
Woodmancote School.
School prospectus design 

A printed school prospectus still has an important role to play in helping you market your school. It can add value to the prospective parents’ experience when researching schools and help broaden awareness of your school in the local community.

We can help generate the right content to go in your prospectus, so the words and images provide an accurate representation of school life and what sets you apart from others.

You’ll be fully involved in the design process, from initial layout and concept work through to artwork sign off. And we’ll take away the worry about print by managing it for you, so you can look forward to the finished article being delivered.

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