The ultimate purpose of marketing. It’s simple.

For any business owner who takes the marketing of their business seriously really should glimpse through once in a while. Aside from great articles from across different industries that provide nuggets of useful information, there’s often a comment from one of the regular writers that gets to the heart of things.

I urge you to therefore read this piece that the writer, in a light-hearted story of his friend’s abattoir business, cuts through the mess that marketing often becomes.

What’s the ultimate purpose of marketing he asks? ‘To get the producer to understand the needs of the consumer and for them to then adjust their strategy accordingly.’

It’s worth repeating. Understand what your customers want. And take necessary action. Isn’t it that simple? It ought to be, certainly at the heart of marketing.

Every business, large and small, frequently gets side-tracked about marketing channels (‘Are we still wise to invest time on Facebook?’, or, ‘Do our adverts help broaden the appeal of our brand?’, and so on…) or endlessly measuring click through rates or offer take up. Which is all well and good.

WhatDoYouThinkBut it’s essential to go back to the very start to ensure all these other marketing activities are worth your while and, yes, provide the required payback for your business.

  • What do your customers want from you?
  • What aren’t they getting?
  • What are they getting?
  • Are they considering other suppliers?
  • If so, why?
  • If not, why not?
  • How do they think you could improve things? (Any business owner that doesn’t think they can is simply wrong. Nobody is perfect!)

…really, the list could be endless! But without those answers how can you ever hope to sustainably build your business or market share or profit? You’d be guessing, to some degree surely?