The Pepsi logo. A great example of logo evolution.

pepsi_refreshyourworldI can’t remember where, but over the weekend I saw an advert for Pepsi. I can’t even remember what it said. There may have been a celebrity in it, to woo the younger market (although obviously they can’t do that on purpose!).

What struck me, as I’m not a fizzy pop drinker, was the simplicity of the Pepsi logo. Which got me thinking, I’m sure I remember a logo from my childhood that was a lot different. So I thought I’d have a look. Google delivered.


The Pepsi logo through the ages

What’s striking, not just the vast difference between the Pepsi logo over 100 years ago (slightly reminiscent of Coca-Cola…red, unique font…!) is how the Pepsi logo of today is a great deal simpler than it was 10 – 20 years ago.

  • pepsi-logo-evolutionIt’s 2 dimensional. Gone is all the whizz-bam from the early 2000s.
  • The name is all lower case. The first time ever.
  • The colours have evolved. Just check out the blue from 1973 compared to before and after that era.
  • The white ripple element is no longer square running left to right. But upwards, almost sale like, at a positive angle.
  • Interestingly the ‘e’ in the name mirrors the old wave shape, so it does provide a small nod to the past.

It just goes to show how things evolve. And how trends change. Shall be keeping our eyes out for other interesting logo evolutions. There will be lessons from all of them.