A Logo Challenge For December

A logo isn’t brand. It’s only a part of a brand…albeit an important one. A logo must be instantly recognisable, accurately reflect something about your brand, help differentiate you from your competition, and sit comfortably within your marketplace.

For our e-newsletter for Christmas 2014 we’ve put together a brief ‘name the logo’ game, one you’ll no doubt have played at some point over the last few years. There’s nothing unique about the game. Simply a bit of fun in the run up to the end of the year.

All the logos have been selected as they’re (hopefully) instantly recognisable, due to one of the following:

  • Their colour. Some brands have become synonymous with a particular tone of colour.
  • A shape within the logo, which helps a logo to become distinctive or helps create a certain perception of the brand.
  • An icon that forms part of the logo, which can help add meaning, association or recognition.

To see the answers, simply click on the image. [Tip > only click on the image once you’ve had a go at all of them…the resulting image will show you all the logos together.]