What are you the best at?

We see lots of different models and exercises that are designed to help businesses when it comes to branding. Such as identifying why they’re different. Or ways to help them define their offering. There are uncountable numbers. And many start to confuse the issue by trying to achieve too much. But here’s one that is quite brilliant in its simplicity…

The Onlyness Test (Source: Marty Neumeier)

It’s excellent at honing in on your strategic position. Excellent because it’s focused. Excellent because it’s short and apparently simple. And excellent because it’s actually extremely difficult to do!

Onlyness Test


    • Can you identify how your brand / product / service can survive the Onlyness Test?
    • If you sit down with your leadership team, would they arrive at a similar answer?
    • Would your customers arrive at the same conclusion as you?
    • And so, why does your brand therefore actually matter to your customers?

We’ll certainly be taking this with us to a some upcoming workshops – it will act as a great starting point for discussions around future direction.

Check out more from Marty Neumeier at http://www.martyneumeier.com/. He provides a wide range of thought provoking ideas, useful for organisations of all shapes and sizes.