The state of online retail

If you have any interest in how people are accessing the web and buying things are everyday consumers, the infographic below (from is well worth 2 minutes of your time. We all know that mobile is increasingly becoming the device of choice, but there are some really interesting pieces of information here…

  1. Just how many more hits the big retailers experienced via mobile during last year’s Black Friday sales. For Argos it was double. Wow.
  2. The significantly lower conversion rates via mobile versus ‘traditional’ desktop and even tablet access. Goes to show just how much retailers need to do to still get people to make a purchase via mobile.
  3. And so by association, consumers are happy to still jump between access channels. Browse on mobile. Purchase on desktop / tablet.
  4. Mobile shoppers spend 66% more than those that only buy in store. Incredible. Cross / up-sell opportunities being easier to deliver on screen versus via point of sale? Consumers in a better purchasing frame of mind, happier to hand over their money through a few simple clicks? Probably a combination of the two.

Anyway, check out the full information below.

Source: – well worth a visit and signing up to their periodic email updates.