Taking the pain out of promotional marketing

Seasonal and promotional marketing activities are an essential tool in helping your business grow. They provide a structure to your marketing plans whilst enabling you to test and review what your customers are most interested in.

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By getting the right messages out there, you can:

  • raise awareness of your products and services amongst non customers
  • encourage lapsed customers to return
  • increase the potential spend of existing customers
  • grow your database of potential customers and social media followers

All of which is great for business!

Let us help you achieve it with our promotional campaign package.

We’ll take the pain out of your seasonal / promotional marketing by delivering a suite of key marketing assets for you. They’ll be bang on brand, and will deliver an effective and consistent message to your audience. Furthermore, they’ll incorporate our years of design and marketing experience in what gets attention.

The package. What’s typically included…

  • 1-2-1 consultation and direction; we’ll help you set out the aims for your campaign, subsequent considerations, and consider appropriate promotional message(s).
  • Development of copy; we’ll develop and refine the messaging to make your offering relevant and attractive to your target audience.
  • Design of marketing assets;
    • a couple of printed promotional pieces* that are most appropriate to your message, audience, aims, etc (e.g. posted mailer, flyer, exhibition panel, poster)
    • advert, for use within a printed or online publication
    • promotional email, so you can target your existing database (e.g. for use in Mailchimp)
  • Social media graphics (headers and promo images for facebook / twitter)

*We can source and manage the print for you and will be happy to provide a quote based upon quantities required. We can also source suitable imagery where required.

The above incorporates a typical package. But you have the opportunity to tailor what’s included specifically to your needs.

Get in touch with Duncan to build your package: 07903 425859  •  duncan@downthelinedesign.co.uk

Tailored solutions. Personally delivered.