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We see lots of different models and exercises that are designed to help businesses when it comes to branding. Such as identifying why they’re different. Or ways to help them define their offering. There are uncountable numbers. And many start to confuse the issue by trying to achieve too much. But here’s one…(Read More)

Seasonal and promotional marketing activities are an essential tool in helping your business grow. They provide a structure to your marketing plans whilst enabling you to test and review what your customers are most interested in.    By getting the right messages out there, you can: raise awareness of your products and services amongst non…(Read More)

A recent BBC article has highlighted pending changes to pricing for cross-country train routes. The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) says the 16 million fares currently on offer are “baffling” for passengers. The result being many people paying different prices for the same journey. With some unlucky travellers paying over the odds. One example: An…(Read More)

If you have any interest in how people are accessing the web and buying things are everyday consumers, the infographic below (from is well worth 2 minutes of your time. We all know that mobile is increasingly becoming the device of choice, but there are some really interesting pieces of information here… Just…(Read More)

Every piece of literature design and print is different. From the market it’s to be used within, to the product or service it’s selling, to the brand / supplier that’s selling itself, to the format and length of the collateral. That’s why it’s imperative to create a clear plan about the…(Read More)

Depending upon your industry, your experience, even your personal gut feel, as a business owner or marketeer you’ll have your own idea on what to spend your marketing budget on. And how much to allocate to each channel. But it’s worth taking a step back once in a while and reviewing whether what…(Read More)

A couple of days ago I was sat in the reception area of my local hospital awaiting an x-ray appointment. Whilst mulling over the things I needed to do later in the day an exchange between the receptionist and an elderly gentleman grabbed my attention. Not only because it was somewhat amusing, but also…(Read More)

You want your customers to hear what you’re saying. But getting their attention can prove tricky for a whole range or reasons. Such as; they’re not hanging out where your message is they haven’t got time to hear what you’ve got to say it’s the wrong time, their focus is…(Read More)

Having spent some time in the retail industry in my earlier career I’ve always had an interest in the supermarket industry, from the marketing perspective. I’ve considered it like an ongoing case study. An industry that covers so many facets of marketing, that every business owner and marketeer can learn from it. And…(Read More)