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Direct Mail Design Capita Document

The briefing of any graphic design project is important. By taking the time to consider the wider context alongside all the finer detail you can help ensure clarity for your team and design agency. Below are a few key components that should not be overlooked. Context What need is being met by the project, or…(Read More)

With social media platforms forever changing specifications of avatars, header areas and the like it’s often difficult to keep up. We’ve found an extremely useful guide, from, which provides all the little details you need. From Facebook avatars and Twitter headers, to LinkedIn Company profiles and Youtube cover photos. With…(Read More)

Where you do you start when considering your next marketing campaign? How do you effectively rationalise whether your target customer will actually sit up and listen to what you’re going to say? Assuming you don’t have a big budget to instruct a market research company to ask questions directly of your audience, you…(Read More)

Brand guidelines play an essential role in enabling a multitude of agents express a brand’s message to all and sundry. Whether it’s the marketing team, the customer services department, a roving sales person or a sub-contracted agency….whoever it is, brand guidelines are an essential tool within a successful brand. A brand…(Read More)

You never get a second chance to make a first impression… You’d like to be healthier? Tick. You’d like to have some idea of how healthy your body is? Tick. You know your blood can provide a good indication of where you stand? Tick. But getting a GPs appointment to have a blood…(Read More)

Seasonal and promotional marketing activities are an essential tool in helping your business grow. They provide a structure to your marketing plans whilst enabling you to test and review what your customers are most interested in.    By getting the right messages out there, you can: raise awareness of your products and services amongst non…(Read More)

If you listen to some ‘experts’ you’d be forgiven for thinking that digital is the only way to market to your customers…email marketing, social media, content marketing, etc, etc. As much as digital can be very effective, don’t ignore those routes to market that are considered ‘traditional’. How about taking a moment…(Read More)

Client: Prohawk Solutions Client offering: Bringing 25+ years experience in delivering complex International Projects, Programmes & Portfolios (P3), Prohawk Solutions delivers quality leadership to national and international organisations that require a professional Interim service. The brief: To deliver a piece of literature and supporting website to help set Prohawk Solutions apart and make them the…(Read More)

Imagery plays a major role in helping convey a message and they form an important part of your visual brand assets. That’s why bespoke photography shot for your business is the ideal way to set your marketing apart from your competition. However, bespoke photography can be expensive. Especially if you’re looking for something…(Read More)

We were pleased to provide a top tip to one of our print suppliers, who published an ebook ‘Must-Read Design Tips From Designers, To Designers.’ Our tip… Give The Briefing Phase Of Your Projects The Attention It Deserves: Challenge your client. Ensure they’ve fully considered, and you understand, what they’re looking to…(Read More)