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We’ve been working with a couple of clients who are experiencing a common branding problem. They’re not absolutely clear on what their businesses are about. The know what they sell and have a decent understanding on how they go about it. But they’ve been struggling to communicate anything more powerful than that…(Read More)

Client: Prohawk Solutions Client offering: Bringing 25+ years experience in delivering complex International Projects, Programmes & Portfolios (P3), Prohawk Solutions delivers quality leadership to national and international organisations that require a professional Interim service. The brief: To deliver a piece of literature and supporting website to help set Prohawk Solutions apart and make them the…(Read More)

Client: Mindset4Success Client offering: Mindset4Success offers transformational coaching, online programmes and motivational speaking. Different from many coaching providers, neuroscience forms the basis of the Mindset4Success offering. The brief: New to market, the client required a brand identity to help them stand apart in a crowded market. Primarily targeted to businesses and senior management individuals, the…(Read More)

One of the roles of graphic design is to help you stand out. Whether it’s your brand, your message, your marketing collateral, your image…Whatever it is, if ‘it’ doesn’t stand out from your competition and the surrounding environment it is unlikely to do as good a job as it ought to. Which…(Read More)

A couple of days ago I was sat in the reception area of my local hospital awaiting an x-ray appointment. Whilst mulling over the things I needed to do later in the day an exchange between the receptionist and an elderly gentleman grabbed my attention. Not only because it was somewhat amusing, but also…(Read More)

You want your customers to hear what you’re saying. But getting their attention can prove tricky for a whole range or reasons. Such as; they’re not hanging out where your message is they haven’t got time to hear what you’ve got to say it’s the wrong time, their focus is…(Read More)

For any business owner who takes the marketing of their business seriously really should glimpse through once in a while. Aside from great articles from across different industries that provide nuggets of useful information, there’s often a comment from one of the regular writers that gets to the heart…(Read More)

Finding a small number of good, reliable printers is essential to us graphic design agencies. Being able to trust that your printer takes due time and care to check the quality of their work is key, as the end product is part and parcel of delivering a quality job. All good printers will offer advice…(Read More)

Investing in good, professionally delivered graphic design is worth it. Don’t just take our word for it. The Design Council can help put a figure on it… ‘Every £100 a design-led business invests in design repays £225 in increased sales.’ Quantitative figures like this always help. They provide a decent headline. But how…(Read More)