Signage – top design considerations

Grangefield Entrance Signage DesignThe design of signage, whether it’s external signage or interior signage, should all follow some straightforward rules. Remember, you’re telling somebody either where to go, what to do, or who you are. So your signage has got to be simple.

Here are a few things to consider…

Have a clear idea of the purpose of your signage

  • What are you trying to communicate?
  • What are you asking the person to do?

Fully consider the positioning of your signage

  • How are people approaching your building / entrance / door / etc?
  • Where’s the best place to position your signage?
  • How far away will people be?
  • Are there any potential obstructions to them vieWoodmancote Signage Designwing your sign(s)?
  • What’s the light like? If it’s an exterior sign, over half the time in the UK it’s either dark, low light, cloudy, etc. So would lighting your sign(s) help ensure they’re visible?

Simplicity of messaging

  • Signage has a simple purpose, usually to either tell people who you are or to direct them somewhere / do something. That’s it.
  • Remember, people glimpse at a sign, usually when they’re on the move. Don’t overelaborate. Your message will get lost or be difficult to understand.

Brand recognition and design

  • Your logo should feature on exterior signage wherever possible, as it helps increase awareness of your organisation. It can also feature on other signs, depending upon size and the sign’s purpose.
  • It’s not just your logo that should lead your signage design; your overall brand design guidelines are there for a reason. Make sure your signs follow them.
  • Your brand colours are one of your strongest assets; use them to ensure recognition.
  • High contrast between the colours you use helps significantly in enabling your audience to see your messaging. A bold colour on a white background is a useful place to start.

High quality print finish

  • The quality of your printed signage goes a long way in showing how much value you put in your brand.
  • High quality print needn’t cost the earth, but it helps no end in making sure your signs look the part and make a positive impression.