Recent new logo designs

Brand identity and logo design is something we love working on for our clients.

Whether for a new start up company or one that is looking to refresh their brand, taking a fresh look at things always gets the creative juices going.

We’ve recently completed new logo designs for a number of Gloucestershire based businesses. A few of which are below.

BodyTruth BT-Logo-Portraitis run by Liza Phillips, a Systematic Kinesiology Practitioner, based in Gloucestershire.

Liza asked us to design a new logo that can act as the platform for her brand to take off during 2015 – 16.

Following the design of the logo we’ve also designed and built the BodyTruth website (click here to take a look), social media graphics and stationery.

Carver Knowles Estate Agents are specialist Cheltenham agents.

We were invited to take a fresh look at theCK-WEB Carver Knowles brand, with consideration for how the CK initials could start to take on a key role in the visual brand.

The use of orange sets them apart from the traditional blue / red of the market. Whilst the negative space C within the block orange provides standout and strong visual identity.

The Camomile Rooms is a holistic centre, located in CheltenCamomileRoomsham.

As part of a rebranding of two sister brands, we were asked to design a new logo for The Camomile Rooms. The brief being to deliver a refresh, based upon the camomile flower and existing brand colours.

Having already designed a logo for the brand’s sister company (due to be launched soon), the style and structure follows that logo’s design. The result being two clearly linked brands.

If we can help you with the design of a logo for your organisation, whether you’re a new company or you require a refresh, don’t hesitate to get in touch.