Marketers…are you a chief, champion or coach?

Read a really interesting post on Marketing Week (read it here) that highlights some recent research in respect to the typical personality traits of marketers.

The research took in findings from 2,500 marketers. Of which more than half fell into 3 of 16 main character types. (Descriptors here copied from the Marketing Week article.)

  • The Chief – a natural leader, confident, authoritative, direct and goal-orientated.
  • The Champion – built to manage, set targets, marshal resources and make sure the job is done – on time and within budget.
  • The Coach – highly driven, people-focused, articulate and great at juggling masses of activities – the glue for a team.

It probably goes without saying that marketers are much more likely to be extroverted in character, but the 3 characters above lend themselves to very different nuances of marketing and leading.

Which one would you say you are?