Logo design for SMEs. It makes a difference.

Looking after your brand, no matter the size of your organisation or the industry your operate in, is imperative. Your logo sits at the top of that tree.

Your organisation’s logo is one of the first things your customers see. It’s probably the most iconic element within your brand and marketing, so it should be immediately recognisable and associated with who you are and your organisation’s values. What’s more, it should differentiate you from your competition.

Here are a few logos we’ve designed for Gloucestershire companies in the last couple of months. They sit in completely different sectors with each logo designed to fit within their individual fields. Each is unique in its market, helping set them apart from their rivals.

When all is said and done your logo isn’t your brand, but it’s a significant part of it. If you’d like to chat about how we can design your new logo or develop your existing one to help set you apart, click here to get in touch.