How tailored graphic design works for SMEs

The question of graphic design and how it can make a difference to an SME is a frequently asked one. Graphic design is often seen as a ‘nice to have’ or non-essential for SMEs, or the apparently the preserve of big brands with big budgets. But that just isn’t the case. 

We work with a number of SMEs from a broad range of industries and we’re yet to come across a case where considered, tailored graphic design doesn’t add value. You can see some examples in our portfolio section, but I thought it worth including some content from a case study we’ve recently compiled to highlight how graphic design solutions have played an important part in the growth of one of our client’s business – The Markland Clinic.

Who are The Markland Clinic?

  • The UK’s most loved physiotherapy clinic 2011.
  • With their first clinic in Cirencester, they opened a second clinic in Swindon at the end of 2011. A third location is on its way.

Why did they ask us to help?

  • With the opening of their Swindon clinic at the end of 2011 the owners of The Markland Clinic recognised that their brand and marketing material didn’t strike the right note. It had been with them since the company’s inception but it wasn’t suitable for a multi-location physiotherapy business.
  • We were invited to provide a range of graphic design solutions to help increase the value of their brand as part of the expansion of the business.

What we did…phase 1.

  1. Reviewed their previous marketing material and what they had planned for the business. “Right from the outset the guys listened and understood what was important to me and what my business was about.” Kate Markland
  2. Created a new logo that better suited a multi-location physiotherapy business.
  3. Designed a first round of marketing material to support the launch of their new Swindon clinic. This included posters, banner stands, sales literature, adverts, and signage. “Down The Line produced fantastic artwork which is professional, clear, friendly and congruent.” Kate Markland

Markland Leaflet

The Markland Clinic Logo Portrait

What we did…phase 2.

  1. Once the Swindon clinic had opened it was time to review how everything from phase 1 had gone, which was extremely well!!!
  2. We have since designed a range of second phase marketing material, focused at helping further raise the company’s local profile. This has included more advertising, loyalty Markland Postcardschemes, vouchers, newsletters, posters, feedback cards and more. The result being a broadening of their customer base and the growth of their business.
  3. We’ve also designed the company’s website, which communicates the range of services, events, offers, and much more. Check it out here.

“Seeing how professional everything looks also helps inspire confidence…And most of all their reliability has been outstanding!” Kate Markland

What’s next?

Everything to date has been focused on the customer focused side of The Markland Clinic’s marketing. Next up is to bring deliver their staff extranet, which will join the dots when it comes to sharing information and best practice across their growing number of clinics.

via Facebook… “Down The Line deliver AGAIN. Thank you ever so much!”

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