First impressions…Thriva hit the mark

Thirva-logoYou never get a second chance to make a first impression…

You’d like to be healthier? Tick. You’d like to have some idea of how healthy your body is? Tick. You know your blood can provide a good indication of where you stand? Tick. But getting a GPs appointment to have a blood test is impossible? Tick. And to be honest, you don’t have the time? Tick.

That’s all part of thriva‘s general message in getting attention. It got mine. Having subscribed to their main 3-monthly testing offer, my first test kit arrived today. It’s made an impact.

Why the branding works…

  • a clean, contemporary brand identity that is ‘of the moment’
  • three bold brand colours complement each other, with the use of lots of white space ensuring an uncluttered feel
  • design assets and style that perfectly and equally suit packaging, digital, printed press, etc
  • it distinguishes it from the standard clinical feel of the market in which thriva operates; it’s a consumer-focused, visual brand that feels friendly

Why the packaging works…

  • eye-catching simplicity, mirroring the Apple style, where less very much is more
  • it has that ‘open me’, tactile feel that can take a lot of hard work to get right
  • a single clear direction ‘Pull – Lets Get Started’ at one end makes you want to do just that
  • it uses a clever mechanic that means from both ends of the box, things appear…which makes you close and open it multiple times before thinking about getting on with reading further instructions

Which has all made a great first impression. One that matches the digital experience when signing up. Easy to use. Contemporary and friendly in feel. The start of a positive relationship. (Unless of course my bloods come back with some shocking news…but I’ll try not to hold them responsible.)