Eminem’s Donald Trump rap shows clear branding

Love him or hate him. Like his music or not. Eminem knows how to write lyrics. Indeed he was recently referred to as one of the best poets of our time. 

His a cappella rap shown at this week’s BET Hip Hop Awards is a perfect example of his ability to compose a message. The standard set of expletives included, naturally. Check it out below.

This latest rap provides a great example of how his product reinforces his branding. Here are a few reasons why…

It’s of the moment

Staying relevant is incredibly important in branding. Celebrities are perfect examples of using the spotlight to remain at the forefront of their audience’s minds…and therefore more valuable to potential sponsors and the like. Eminem’s BET rap is powerful because it is a measure of today, so will get a lot of airtime.

It’s considered

Whilst Eminem’s delivery at the start of the rap is made to feel impromptu, it’s clearly not. Eminem has chosen his lyrics carefully and poignantly, compiled in a way that makes the overriding message more powerful than any single line.

It’s focused

Yes, it’s a direct pop at, and challenge to, Donald Trump. Slap, bang, bullseye. But it’s also more than that. It’s focused on highlighting issues within the USA, and reflective of our World’s political problems that appear to be deepening.

It’s challenging

At the end of the rap Eminem invites his fans to make a choice. Choose Trump? You’re not a fan of mine. Clearly Eminem is in a position where, financially, any backlash isn’t going to cause him pain. But his stance is clear. And his branding is strengthened.

It’s on brand

Never one to shy away from things, Eminem’s rap fits with what you expect of him. He steps out of the shadows. And is happy to be challenged in return. This BET showing is the latest example, reinforcing his brand image. Which means he’ll strengthen his engagement with his core following.

Check out the BET rap below. It’s hard hitting.