Celebrating our 8th anniversary with a new brand identity

1st July 2017 signifies 8 years from when Down The Line Design was established. The time has flown by. And we’ve enjoyed the wide variety of projects we’ve delivered for each and every one of our clients.

But one thing has been increasingly clear recently. That the logo identity we started out with was very much in need of a refresh.

What served us well in 2009 has felt out of place. Hence the launch of our new logo this month, neatly coinciding with our 8th birthday.



Central to the design of our new logo are:

  • A new, fresher, more vibrant brand green. One that feels much more of the moment.
  • Use of the block colour, creating the square. Designed to be equally impactful in print as it is within the digital and social media environments. The design also ensures the logo can sit on any coloured background (although will predominantly be on white or on our brand green).
  • The refined service descriptor. Taking time to focus on our own brand has enabled us to realign our descriptor to reflect the key services our clients employee us to deliver. 
  • The plus sign, that signifies a variety of things. Including our promise of adding real value to our clients’ brand and marketing projects, and businesses.

We’ll be looking forward to hearing what our clients think of our new brand logo as we roll it out over the summer. We know it will help us as we move forward with a range of communication projects of our own over the coming months.

If you’d like to read more about our branding and logo identity design services, click here.

“Down The Line Design’s knowledge and expertise when it comes to branding and design is outstanding.” Envesca