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With the end of 2017 fast approaching, the festive holidays are an important time for us to grab some time to refresh our batteries. We hope all our clients, suppliers and connections have a great break and we look forward to 2018. In the meantime, a few festive funnies and a thought provoking article about…(Read More)

The question of graphic design and how it can make a difference to an SME is a frequently asked one. Graphic design is often seen as a ‘nice to have’ or non-essential for SMEs, or the apparently the preserve of big brands with big budgets. But that just isn’t the case.  We work…(Read More)

An article earlier in the month over at Marketing Week provided some interesting points on John Lewis and its growth in sales during January 2012-3. With stats like the below, they must be doing something right in what is currently a price war of a market… Overall 9.2 per cent rise in revenue…(Read More)

Brand is immensely important. It ensures you project a consistent face to your customers and prospects. But sometimes going to the extreme in the opposite direction can work. I received a direct mail piece recently all about hard water and the problems it’s causing the various appliances, taps, and pipes in my house. Now…(Read More)

Love it or hate it you’ve got to admire it. MailOnline website is a recent winner at the Design Business Association Design Effectiveness Awards. Or at least the credit should go to their design agency. Stunningly MailOnline is ‘the world’s biggest newspaper website, attracting 84.9 million unique monthly browsers, up from 18…(Read More)