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The school Little Chestnuts Pre-school opened in the autumn 2017, expanding the services provided by Woodmancote School. “The pre-school has long been in our strategic plans. We believe it offers the ideal start to a child’s learning journey, ensuring a smooth transition into whichever school parents then choose for their child.” Gary…(Read More)

Love him or hate him. Like his music or not. Eminem knows how to write lyrics. Indeed he was recently referred to as one of the best poets of our time.  His a cappella rap shown at this week’s BET Hip Hop Awards is a perfect example of his ability to compose a message…(Read More)

Direct Mail Design Capita Document

The briefing of any graphic design project is important. By taking the time to consider the wider context alongside all the finer detail you can help ensure clarity for your team and design agency. Below are a few key components that should not be overlooked. Context What need is being met by the project, or…(Read More)

“A logo is a visual piece in a bigger brand identity system. A logo embodies and transports the meaning of a brand, the logo is rarely the meaning itself.” (Tobias van Schneider) We are surrounded by logos. Some have been around for decades and some are relatively recent additions. But they are all part and…(Read More)

With social media platforms forever changing specifications of avatars, header areas and the like it’s often difficult to keep up. We’ve found an extremely useful guide, from, which provides all the little details you need. From Facebook avatars and Twitter headers, to LinkedIn Company profiles and Youtube cover photos. With…(Read More)

Where you do you start when considering your next marketing campaign? How do you effectively rationalise whether your target customer will actually sit up and listen to what you’re going to say? Assuming you don’t have a big budget to instruct a market research company to ask questions directly of your audience, you…(Read More)

We see lots of different models and exercises that are designed to help businesses when it comes to branding. Such as identifying why they’re different. Or ways to help them define their offering. There are uncountable numbers. And many start to confuse the issue by trying to achieve too much. But here’s one…(Read More)

Brand guidelines play an essential role in enabling a multitude of agents express a brand’s message to all and sundry. Whether it’s the marketing team, the customer services department, a roving sales person or a sub-contracted agency….whoever it is, brand guidelines are an essential tool within a successful brand. A brand…(Read More)