Brand authenticity – The importance of your brand being authentic

Marketing Week’s article about brand authenticity is really worth a read if you take your brand seriously.

Rules of AuthenticityIt rightly sums up being authentic as: Authenticity is based on being culturally relevant to the target consumer. 

We couldn’t agree more.

The rules of authenticity I’ve taken from their article over on the right should be a maxim for any brand or marketing manager, or business owner who is looking seriously at how to build their brand.

The rules can be applied to all manner of things – brand values, business ethics, marketing activity, sales approach, operations, you name it. And graphic design is there to.

  • Be consistent…a key factor of strong graphic design for strong brands.
  • Be genuine…the design of your brand assets and marketing material must be an accurate, truthful reflection of your brand and what it is you are selling.
  • Don’t copy others…aside from blatant issues such as trademarks and the like, the design of your branding and marketing material should help you stand out from your competitors.
  • Be proud of where you come from…if your brand has a legacy or historical story it might just be worth telling. It helps add depth to the heritage of your brand, which can help build trust and loyalty.

All things worth considering when it comes to brand authenticity.

Head over to Marketing Week to read the article in full, which includes a list of the top brands ranked for brand authenticity. We’ll give you a clue…they make cracking baked beans: